Tayc advocates for peace in Cameroon

Mar 18, 2022News

French singer and songwriter of Cameroonian descent, Tayc, confessed he is saddened by the conflict in Cameroon and that he wants to spread the “Afro Love mindset” amidst the crisis. The country faces a crisis which is known worldwide as the “Anglophone crisis”, piting the two English speaking regions against the government of the country.

Founder of the Afro Love movement in 2019, Tayc had this to say: “Many sad things happen in Africa and all over the world but especially in my country,… My Mum is Anglophone so each day in my house I see my Mum crying and talking to her sisters about the problem. It’s sad man. Afro Love isn’t just a kind of music, it’s a movement,”

Tayc, whose real name is Julien Franck Bouadjie, is considered to be one of the greatest figures of R’n’B music in France at the moment. Born in the French city of Marseille to Cameroonian parents, he’s always been very much in touch with his heritage. “My mother was one of nine children, eight girls and one boy, so all my aunties used to bring over Cameroonian food. My parents listened to lots of Cameroonian artists like Douleur and Petit Pays and we used to have a party once a month with all the family and dance a lot. So Cameroon was always in my life,” he said. He launched his music career in 2012 after relocating to Paris. His debut album dropped in 2019, but his second, entitled Fleur Froide or Cold Flower was what really launched his international career, with his hit song, N’y pense plus, putting him on the map in France and beyond. Follow the discussions he had with the BBC on here.


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