Sweetest Pie by Megan Thee Stallion & Dua Lipa

Mar 15, 2022Songs

Megan the Stallion and Dua Lipa released a new single, “Sweetest Pie” on March 11, and the accompanying video that was conceptualized by Megan, 27, and directed by Dave Meyers, is a fashion feast for the eyes. In a poll published Friday March 11 on Billboard, music fans voted, choosing the pair’s collaborative track as their favorite new music release of the week. The track also debuted on number 09 on our global music charts for the week between March 7 and 13.

Lipa and Megan first teased the release of the collaboration in a series of Instagram posts earlier in the week. While chatting with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Megan opened up about the track and how it came to be. “I be seeing everybody making mashups of me and Dua songs and I’m like, ‘No, this sounds too good. We have to make a song,’ “ she said. Noting that she got in contact with Lipa to collaborate, Megan explained, “I was like, ‘Dua, I really want us to do a song, but I got to find that right beat. It has to be perfect. So I didn’t just send her no any track,” she added. “I waited till I had the perfect one and I feel like we both came to a mutual agreement that it was greatness — and now we got ‘Sweetest Pie.’ “

Working with Lipa, Megan said, was an experience like no other. It also challenged the assumptions she’d made about the “Don’t Start Now” artist. “Dua is so chill,” she told Lowe, 48. “When I first saw her on Instagram, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know what it’s given.’ She really look kind of mean. I don’t know. I didn’t know how she was going to be. But when I met her, I was like, ‘Love, you might be my friend.’ She is so cool. She’s so chill. She just has a really calming spirit, and she’s so sweet,” Megan continued. “… She wasn’t a diva. You know what I’m saying?”

Megan also told Lowe that she worked hard on coming up with the concept for the “Sweetest Pie” video. “I wasn’t just going to do a song with Dua Lipa and [not] do a video, so of course there is a video,” she explained. “And it’s so fire. I literally, just like I sat on the song, I really had to sit on the concept for the video.” “I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like,” Megan added. “I feel like everybody knows, I like fantasy and I like horror at the same time. So when they see it, I feel like it’s going to be like, ‘Wow, they really in their bag with this one.’ “

In the clip, Lipa, 26, and Megan take inspiration from Hansel and Gretel and other fantasy themes, welcoming a duo of unsuspecting men into their lair — ultimately luring them to their deaths. Watch the official video to “Sweetest Pie” below.


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