Kanye West: ‘Pete Davidson bragged about being in bed with my wife’

Mar 14, 2022News

Kanye West accused Kim Kardashian of withholding custody of their kids and claimed that Pete Davidson texted him “bragging about being in bed” with his ex-wife in a series of (since-deleted) videos the rapper posted Sunday on Instagram. Ye then listed alleged instances where he made plans to see his oldest daughter but they were canceled, including her coming to his Donda 2 show in Miami and, today, her attending his Sunday Service in Los Angeles. “This whole conversation of custody, narrative, gaslighting, all of this,” West said. “There’s no reason why these young children upon their father’s request shouldn’t be allowed to come to Sunday Service. At this point, it’s gone too far.”

However, the most stunning revelation came when he claimed that Pete Davidson — who West has attacked in a pair of “Eazy” music videos — texted him to brag that he was in bed with Kardashian. “The boyfriend text me, antagonizing me, bragging about being in bed with my wife,” West said. “And I thought she wasn’t my wife no more legally, since I got the lawyer to finally finish the divorce.” The claim seemed outlandish… until Davidson’s friend — Saturday Night Live and The King of Staten Island writer Dave Sirus — posted “A message from Pete” on Twitter that allegedly shows Davidson’s end of the Sunday morning text conversation with West where someone claiming to be “Skete” tells West he is “in bed with your wife.”

“My daughter will not be led by people who don’t believe in God; I am in a very good place and a very God place,” he wrote. “Inside the will of God I am being still right now. This all feels like a set up. They want me to react. I flew back from Miami and none of my kids are coming to Sunday Service. I am public about this because we are a famous. Praying and expressing how I have no rights to my children is the only thing I can legally do.”

However, hours after West posted the videos – and likely after his Sunday Service – the rapper scrubbed his entire Instagram page, leaving only his “Divorce” poem and its follow-up “Dead.“


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