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    Want to get in touch with us?

    As you already know, Vizler is an entertainment platform, with main focus on the global music industry. We are ready to review and publish articles on everything related to the music industry. This means we are ready to listen to, accompany and work with any industry stakeholder (artists, managers, labels, media houses, etc.). Artists, managers, PRs, and record labels can submit songs, albums, EPs or media kit for free placement on our platforms, including our charts, playlists and podcasts. Remember however that your content must be of good quality and standard. Please leave a message for all your inquires, suggestions, reviews and opinions and we shall get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

    Want to advertise with us?

    Although we are focused on the music industry, Vizler offers advertising opportunities to all businesses in the media sector. This means we place ads concerning all media related contents on our platform. We accelerate your business or event by placing a sitewide banner on all content so everyone visiting our platform can easily interact. In addition, we shall create a special call to action button on our main header linking to your ad and also change the color theme of our website. Irrespective of the magnitude of your business or event, ads on our website run as follows:

    Daily: $5    Weekly: $25    Monthly: $130

    We currently offer the following advertising opportunities: album/music/video releases and reviews, entertainment events (video/album premieres, concerts and shows, festivals), business spotlight (where you can advertise your entertainment business and more. Please select the appropriate category in the contact form above. If a category isn’t listed, please select “Other…” as category and give a detailed description of your ad. 

    Business Partnership?

    As stated above, we want to work with every stakeholder in the industry. This means we are opened for partnership and collaboration in any form that will benefit both parties. Please select the “Partnership” category if you are interested in working together with us.


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